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Membership Club

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Pointy Snout is pleased to offer its most privileged clients an opportunity to indulge in one of their favorite pastimes...enjoying caviar of the highest quality available. If you love caviar, or want to explore broader knowledge and connoisseur-level experiences, we offer a range of choices that might appeal to you. This Membership program is intended for individuals. If you are interested in Corporate Memberships, please contact our Concierge at

All Members may choose to receive any amount of caviar of their preference, at any day of the year (excluding certain FedEx non-delivery days such as Holidays and weekends), during a 12 calendar month period from the time of joining our Membership Club.

Upon enrollment, you will receive a complimentary 100 gram tin of Ossetra caviar, 2 packs of Blinis, and an 8 oz. tub of Hudson Valley Crème Fraiche.