How to Caviar

A Beginner’s Guide to Enjoying Caviar

We invite you to love caviar as much as we do! Here's how.

The Cardinal Rules for Serving Caviar

Bear in mind that the enemies of caviar are air, light, heat, and silver. Aside from these, there are no rules.  Relax. Don’t be intimidated. Reject the tyranny of decorum. Have fun. Feel free to be informal. Eating good caviar should make you happy, not pious. For straight-up wonderfulness, go ahead and eat caviar straight from the tin….You might choose to imbed the tin in crushed ice, or you might like the way the flavors coalesce as the caviar warms a few degrees.

If You Want to “Pair” It, Keep in Mind

Pointy Snout caviar is the highest grade commercially available. It has a rich flavor with a clean finish. There’s nothing you need to disguise—no “saltiness” or “fishiness.” So, try to avoid garnishing it with strong flavors that might overwhelm it—such as chopped onions, chives, parsley, dill, or even lemon.

Use the relatively neutral tasting base of plain or lightly toasted bread or brioche, blinis, baked or mashed potato, or boiled eggs (soft or hard). Other flavors that don’t distort caviar’s taste are crème fraîche, sour cream, avocado, and unsalted butter.

Of course, there’s no limit to how you can enhance with Pointy Snout caviar.


Since any metal interferes with caviar’s delicate taste, it’s best to serve caviar with a utensil made of bone, horn, mother-of-pearl, porcelain, glass, hardwood, resin or even plastic. To protect the fragile membrane covering each bead, try to use utensils that are more flat than curved—small spatulas, really.

Pairing Caviar and Drinks

There’s consensus. Then, there’s leeway. The consensus has grown from centuries of looking for compatible weights and bodies, acidity levels, flavors and complexities. Et voila! We now have the consensus that caviar tastes best when paired with cold vodka, champagne, or sparkling wine. In fact, gourmands often drink the vodka or champagne simply to cleanse their palates, preparing to experience another dollop of caviar anew.

Leeway, on the other hand, is the credited notion that you are the best judge of what tastes good to you. The only pairing rules you should follow are the ones that make you happiest. Mineral water, dry white wine, beer. Do what feels right.

Serving Portions (Rules of Thumb)

Size Persons
30 grams 1 – 2
50 grams 1 – 2
100 grams 2 – 4
200 grams 4 – 8
500 grams 8 – 20
1000 grams 20 – 50