About Us

About Pointy Snout Caviar

Pointy Snout is an audacious reinvention of a venerable luxury; the go-to brand for transparency and responsibility: caviar unbridled from pomp and rhetoric and with a modern conscience.

Be warned: Pointy Snout Caviar is known to cause unexplained outbreaks of happiness.

Pointy Snout Caviar has never been pasteurized or frozen, and is 100% chemical-free. The only ingredients in our caviar are responsibly farmed sturgeon roe and salt.

Pointy Snout was founded and is run by Alexandra Du Cane and Michael Kline, avid travelers and citizens of the world, who believe in preserving the great gifts that nature offers us so generously. As such, Pointy Snout is sourced from only the most responsible sturgeon farms that take extreme care to raise sturgeon in environments that mimic their natural habitats. Sturgeon farming is the only way to protect the feeble population of wild sturgeon who were overfished to the point of near extinction. Pointy Snout was founded in 2011 on the principle that wild sturgeon must be protected and farming sturgeon must be done right. This core tenet allows us all to enjoy the pleasure of caviar more completely.