We Stand with Ukraine


Vladimir Putin’s aggression—the outrageous violence he has inflicted on a sovereign nation and its citizens—is a line in the sand. We can protest with our voices and pray in silence. We can also act with our spending power. Here is our proposal.

In an effort to help the people of Ukraine, Pointy Snout will donate 50% of all sales from our newly arrived “Poland Collection”* of farmed Siberian caviar to the global humanitarian effort** now responding to the crisis. This, the first of a number of such efforts that we’ll be undertaking to help war victims, will continue till April 30, 2022, after which we will introduce a new support campaign each month.

Please consider joining us in this modest but meaningful drive to help alleviate the greatest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II by clicking on this link to view details and to purchase.

* We have never bought or offered caviar from Russia—and we never will. Authentic, farm-raised Acipenser baerii—the caviar being offered here, often identified by its common name of ‘Siberian’, is proven to derive from the broodstock of sturgeon that originated in the Ob River in Western Siberia, but it is not produced in Siberia. During the last 55 years, and over many generations, the broodstock has been farmed in dozens of countries, including Poland, where this shipment comes from.

** The International Rescue Committee (IRC), led by David Miliband, responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises, and is currently working with determination to deliver aid to Ukraine. The IRC’s mission is to restore health, safety, education, economic wellbeing and power to any people devastated by conflict and disaster. Pointy Snout is a supporter of the IRC.

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