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Le Cabinet de Curiosités: Thomas Erber's Antiquities

Pointy Snout meets Maison Kitsuné and Mercedes-Benz in Nolita for Le Cabinet de Curiosités

The original Cabinets of Curiositiés of antiquity gathered taxidermy specimens, ancient relics, theatrical costumes, and strange objects from distant lands together in one room. Their curation followed no logic other than the whims and fancies of the collector. Celebrated journalist Thomas Erber’s international Le Cabinet de Curiositiés exhibition pays homage to this very tradition. Erber, along with friend and sponsor Maison Kitsuné, displayed a collection of some of his favorite objects in Nolita’s Avant/Garde Diaries space following iterations in Paris, London, and Berlin. Among the highly curated treasures: luxury watches, erotic photography, designer lamps, leather goods, and of course, Pointy Snout Caviar.

Pointy Snout was honored to make a second appearance that evening. Designers and artists featured in the exhibition were invited by Erber to a dinner crafted by Michelin-starred Chef Daniel Humm, who featured our caviar among the components in his spectacular feast. The dinner took place at the NoMad Hotel, Daniel’s perhaps less well-known venue, the other being Eleven Madison Park.