Pointy Snout

around town....

From Departures Magazine
"Caviar, Redefined"

Photo courtesy of Diggy Lloyd

“Though just three years old, Pointy Snout caviar is attempting to redefine one of the culinary world’s most beloved luxuries.”

From Driven. UrbanDaddy
"Our Man in Monaco"

Photos © Lucas Noonan

“The rest as they say, is history…cocktails, Pointy Snout caviar, champagne…and an amazing private dinner.”

From W Magazine
"Pretty Young Things"

Atmosphere. Photo by BFAnyc.com

From The Wall Street Journal
"Young Collectors Get ‘Real’ at the Guggenheim"

The 2014 Guggenheim Young Collectors Party. Getty Images

“But most of the several hundred guests—event tickets sold out the day before— packed the teeming rotunda floor, where waiters circulated with platters of red velvet sandwich cookies, chocolate-dipped marshmallows and strawberries. Another station was set up with delicate spoons of Pointy Snout caviar.”

Pointy Snout in Paris photo courtesy of girlmeetswhirl.com

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Bridgehampton Polo Season

Want to Try Something New and Splendid?

Take ours, for instance.

It comes from California, where native White Sturgeon are raised in a 100% sustainable aqua-system. Their jewel-like eggs burst with a nutty flavor that’s both smooth and robust.

So here’s the deal. Slide a bountiful spoonful of our Pointy Snout caviar onto your tongue. Straight, no chaser. Take your time. Enjoy it with all your senses.

Pretty seductive, no?

It’s downright thrilling. Elegant. Simple. Thrilling.