We never wonder why we love our caviar - it is an exceptional and timeless pleasure

Pointy Snout Caviar presents several offerings - each crafted for
a different palate and occasion

Siberian Caviar

Siberian Caviar | Aged at least 90 days

This reserve Siberian Sturgeon caviar is sustainably produced at a family-owned farm on the banks of Uruguay’s Rio Negro. The pristine site is valued for the quality of its soil and the purity of its air and adjacent, fast-flowing water.

Caviar Avant-Garde


Ossetra | Aged at least 90 days

Avant-Garde is an authentic Ossetra caviar from sustainably-farmed true Russian Sturgeon. Its premium beads convey a rich, nutty flavor characteristic of great Ossetra caviar.

Caviar Avancé


White Sturgeon | Aged at least 90 days

Our Avancé is produced from sustainably-farmed White Sturgeon. It has a sweet and fresh fragrance, with a taste that is yolky and delicate, rich and lasting.

Caviar de Table

Everyday White Sturgeon Caviar

Produced from the same White Sturgeon as Avancé, De Table is a more price-accessible caviar offering informal opportunities to play with different pairings. Its quality represents an exceptional value.

Caviar Ossetra Nouveaupointysnou_249centre006_480x480
Ossetra | Freshly Produced

An offering unique to Pointy Snout, Ossetra Nouveau is a non-aged caviar produced from Russian Sturgeon. It is delightfully light, yet bears the captivating flavors of true Ossetra caviar.

Bespoke Caviars


For The Exceptional Moment

Whether it’s a gathering of friends, an over-the-top wedding reception, or a simple picnic on the beach, sometimes the unexpected gesture makes all the difference.  We’d love to work with you directly to tailor an order that lifts any occasion.  We’ll present caviars from around the world for the culturally curious.  We’ll present our full-service caviar bars for the festive event.  For everything in between, we’ll give guidance on pairings and culinary combos that add an extra touch of uncluttered elegance to the moment.

Bespoke Gifts & Products

Elegance and Practicality

Put these pieces to work while enjoying our caviar, or appreciate them separately as beautiful objects (and, yes, a thought-provoking art piece).  You’ll come across our spoons in hotshot restaurants (and, for the exceptionally lucky few, in the home collection of hotshot chefs).