Customized and deeply desirable, Pointy Snout's luxurious Bespoke Gift Boxes are guaranteed to delight. Each one is truly one of a kind, curated to the client's preferences and assembled to satisfy a range of tastes and wallets.
Every box offers a deluxe taste of our finest Ossetra caviar along with some of our favorite caviar accoutrements - hand-carved camel bone spoons made in Kenya and a Masa ceramic serving dish - all packaged in an oval artisan container crafted in Japan from natural vegetable tanned leather.
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Our finest caviar packaged in a striking wooden Shaker box, crafted by hand in a small California workshop. Tuck into the caviar this holiday, and treasure the unique box for years to come. 

Small Wooden Shaker Box
Starting at $325
Handmade from Ebonized Walnut.

Large Wooden Shaker Box
Starting at $505
Choose from Walnut or Padouk.

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Our finest caviar, plus exceptional caviar accoutrements, packaged in a stunning and rare Shaker box handmade in Japan from vegetable tanned leather. Assemble the components of your choosing to create a truly lavish, unique and unforgettable holiday gift tailored exactly to the recipient's desires.

Small Leather Shaker Box
Starting at $1,960

Medium Leather Shaker Box
Starting at $3,760

Large Leather Shaker Box
Starting at $6,950

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Camel Bone Spoons in a Handmade Case

This award-winning wooden box is constructed in maple with an ebony button that activates a concealed mechanism, freeing two Pointy Snout camel bone caviar spoons tucked neatly within. The box is handmade in Japan; the spoons are hand carved in Kenya.

$ 270 | Click to shop Camel Bone Spoons

Handmade Ceramic Dishes from Masa Designs

Designed by Chef Masa Takayama for Masa restaurants and now available exclusively through Pointy Snout, each stunning Masa Designs porcelain dish is the ideal size for a single portion of our finest caviar, a dollop of crème fraîche and a micro-green garnish.

$ 100 | Click to shop Dishes from Masa Designs

Camel Bone Spoon Sets Without Case

These camel bone spoons are hand carved by artisans in Kenya. With vegetable pigment coating long stems, these ivory-like pieces make a gesture against the commercialization and illegal trade in ivory.

Set of two $70 | Click to shop Camel Bone Spoons

Sturgeon at Play - Limited Edition Booklet

Our playful collaboration with artist Gerardo Blumenkrantz and star copywriter Marty Cooke is available for purchase for the first time this holiday season exclusively from Pointy Snout. Each booklet is one of a small run of 250, and features 8 commissioned illustrations as well as a hand-lettered edition number. An ideal pairing with your caviar gift.

$ 95 | Click to shop Sturgeon at Play

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