Havens Kitchen – “Lesson’s in Caviar”

Our friends at Havens Kitchen provide a Valentine's guide to caviar.

Article courtesy of Havens Kitchen.

It is not a secret that our founder, Alison Cayne, loves her caviar and potato chips. Her favorite is Pointy Snout Caviar because it is a delicious and sustainable caviar option. This year, we asked the people from Pointy Snout to give us pointers when purchasing and serving caviar. Receive 10 percent off when you use the code HAVEN when you order the Ossetra caviar on their website, now until Valentine’s Day. 

Choosing caviar for two
What type of caviar? A few factors: does your sweetheart prefer mature, complex flavors (like drinking a great Bordeaux) or a fresh, uncomplicated taste (think Beaujolais Nouveau)? Would you rather enjoy your caviar unadorned — straight from the tin, by the spoonful – or paired with caviar accompaniments? Keep these questions in mind as you peruse our caviar styles:

Our most robust offering: Caviar Avant-Garde (aged for at least 90 days)
Our Caviar Avant-Garde, from Russian sturgeon, is a genuine Ossetra with grand, robust flavor best described as rich and nutty. Its medium size beads present colors ranging from light brown to pure amber.

Rich yet delicate: Caviar Avancé (aged at least 90 days)
Avancé is produced from the roe of White Sturgeon, a species native to the Pacific Northwest. Aged at least 90 days, it has a sweet and fresh fragrance, and a taste that is rich and lasting, yolky and delicate.

Fresh and simple: Caviar de Table
Produced from the same White Sturgeon as Avancé, De Table is a more price-accessible caviar — an excellent “everyday” caviar — offering informal opportunities to play with different pairings.

What size tin?
50 grams is a perfectly sweet portion for two to share on a romantic evening. 100 grams is a bit more of a special occasion indulgence. We always love splurging on a larger tin so there are leftovers to enjoy the next morning (preferably on scrambled eggs, served to us in bed on a tray).

Serving suggestions for Valentine’s evening: Pointy-Snout-on-gelee-Courtesy-Pointy-Snout

Make bite-size blinis from buckwheat pancake mix. Place a bit of crème fraîche on each blini, then top with caviar.

Buy the very best sweet butter you can get your hands on, place it in the freezer for 30 minutes, then shave on the large round slots of a cheese grater. Place a mound of shaved butter atop a slice of fabulous crunchy baguette (or sourdough), then top with a spoonful of caviar. (Sweet butter and caviar are a customary pairing, and make quite a delicious couple.)

Make a champagne gelée in an ice cube tray. Place each lovely-looking cube on a thin cracker and dollop with caviar. For the purists: Embed your tin in crushed ice, and eat it straight up, by the spoonful.

Or, skip the spoons and try the most traditional and perhaps most Valentine’s Day-appropriate method: place a mound of caviar on the back of your hand and lick it off.

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